Tasmania's favourite seafood products

Published on 4 December 2015

Tasmanians are spoilt for choice when it comes to local seafood produce, with a number of excellent fishing enterprises and aquaculture farms operating throughout Tasmania. Tasmanian seafood is known around the world for its quality. Anyone who happens to cook and eat freshly caught seafood products will attest how delicious Tasmanian seafood is. So, which of Tasmanian seafood products do Tasmanian's love the most?

  • 1. Scallops

    Tasmanian scallops are unique in that the roe has a distinct orange and white colour. Fresh scallops are available approximately 6 months of the year, with the fishing season usually commencing about May. Tasmanian scallops have a sweet flavour, and can be eaten raw, or cooked!

  • 2. Atlantic Salmon

    Tasmania grow some of the best Atlantic Salmon in the world, and Tasmanians are incredibly proud of its Atlantic Salmon industry. Atlantic Salmon is often a chef's choce of seafood to prepare, being versatile to a number of different cooking methods. Consequently some of the nicest seafood expeirences you can have will often include Atlantic Salmon at its base.

  • 3. Flathead

    Flathead is a sweet tasting fish with availability all year round. It's soft texture and distinct taste make it a wonderful choice for crumbing, for frying, or baking. Often used by restaurants for its vesatility, Flathead ideal for home cooking, easily prepared, and enjoyed.

  • 4. Trevalla

    Blue Eye Trevalla is a premium quality fish sought after by high end restaurants across Tasmania, and the world. The fleshy fillet of Trevalla is succulent when cooked, with a taste that is admired by many.

  • 5. Flake

    Flake is widely used by Fish & Chip shops across Tasmania, and Australia, and is a favourite fish amongst Australians. Different species of Flake are available, the most popular being Gummy Flake. Flake has a distinct strong taste, that makes it ideal for cooking in batter!

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