Ocean Blue Fertiliser

Ocean Blue Fertiliser

Used by professional Agronomists

For decades, ocean based products have been used as fertiliser for a variety of agricultural industries, as well as the home gardener. George Town Seafoods has carefully formulated a concentrate, fish based fertiliser called Ocean Blue.

Ocean Blue is completely processed using the inedible remains of seafood. The nutrients and trace elements naturally available in fish make it an ideal additive for soils, and for plants, encouraging healthier plants, and richer soil. Ocean blue fertilisers also helps plants build resistance against disease and bug infestation. Your plants are happier with Ocean Blue!

What we offer

Ocean Blue is available in:

  • 1 litre bottles
  • 6 x 1 litre pack cartons
  • 9 x 1 litre pack cartons.
  • 1000 litre bulk IBC containers, for larger application
ocean blue six pack fertiliser